The Windmill Class Association is a non-profit governing organization. All officials are Windmill owners, who serve as volunteers. There is not a paid staff. All funds are used for communications between class owners and to support the sport of sailing - especially Windmill sailing. The Class sells construction plans and publishes an informative newsletter The Jouster which provides an interchange of rigging ideas, construction techniques and regatta reports.

According to a survey of owners, the Windmill's sustained popularity is due to three major reasons; the friendly people in the Class, the boats high performance and her attractive price. Most organized activity is concentrated in the Southern, Atlantic, New England and Mid-Western states. There is also an active fleet in California and a new fleet developing in Washington State. Internationally Windmills are actively sailed in Finland while there are also boats in many other countries.

The Windmill class newsletter The Jouster is published four times a year.
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Annual membership dues are as follows.
Owners/Racers: Active/Family $40.
Builders/Supporters: Associate $20.
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Windmill Class
1200 North Garfield Street
Apt 1211
Arlington, VA 22201
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In the listing below, the date that your dues are due is indicated in parentheses.

Years: 2008 (182 paid) 2009 (175 paid) 2010 (146 paid) 2011 (154 paid) 2012 (102 paid) 2013 (76 paid) 2014 (89 paid) 2015 (99 paid) 2016 (108 paid) 2017 (102 paid) 2018 (106 paid) 2019 (85 paid) 2020 (68 paid) 2021 (83 paid) 2022 (65 paid) 2023 (7 paid) 2024 (1 paid)

2012 dues paid

1Jim Lingeman (3/2012)noyes
2Sandy Sponar (1/2013)noyes
3Dave Ellis (1/2013)yesno
4Tiffany Cooper (1/2013)noyes
5Nicky Valentini (1/2013)noyes
6Terry Wood (1/2013)noyes
9Randy Rice (4/2013)noyes
10Tom Lathrop (1/2013)yesno
14Walt Bailey (1/2014)noyes
15Jeremy Hopkins (1/2013)noyes
16Frank Larimer (1/2013)noyes
17David Martens (1/2013)noyes
19Allison Hardage (1/2013)noyes
107Clearwater Comm (1/2013)yesno
578John Hargis (1/2013)yesno
758Todd Bender (1/2013)yesno
809Jill McLeod (1/2013)yesno
821Darrell Sorenson (1/2013)yesno
940Richard Wolfram (1/2014)noyes
1061Hal Wood (1/2013)yesno
1065Rick Leonard (1/2013)yesno
1249David Ladd (1/2013)yesno
1395Susan Gerr (1/2013)yesno
1483Elizabeth Dietz (1/2013)yesno
1500C Sparwasser (1/2014)yesno
1580K. Parks-Chambers(1/2013)noyes
1967Clearwater Comm (1/2013)noyes
2001A & R Felsher (1/2013)noyes
2101Eric Swenson (1/2013)yesno
2117Jack Cartland (1/2013)yesno
2348Monica Coolidge (6/2012)yesno
2793Erik Arnesen (2/2013)yesno
3015Charles Anstadt (7/1/2013yesno
3049Eric Francois (1/2013)yesno
3064John Coleman (1/2014)yesno
3247Dyer Harris (1/2013)yesno
3251Arnold Ishizuka (1/2013)yesno
3420Rick Beale (1/2014)yesno
3450C Davidson/J Head (1/2013yesno
3481Scott Rovanpera (1/2013)yesno
3524Sandy Sponar (1/2013)yesno
3579Peter Rothman (1/2014)yesno
3603Chuck Noon (1/2013)yesno
3651Chris Sprole (1/2013)yesno
3653Steve Allen (1/2013)yesno
3803John Jennings (1/2013)yesno
3870Larry Davis (1/2013)noyes
3886Lon Ethington (1/2013)yesno
3933Dan Vielleux (1/2013)yesno
3998Randy Piersall (1/2013)yesno
4026Ritch Riddle (1/2014)yesno
4049Sea Scout Ship 915yesno
4051Alan Taylor (1/2013)yesno
4100Chris Bunge (1/2013)yesno
4196Toby Shaughnessy (1/2013)yesno
4205Erik Reynolds (1/2013)yesno
4261Scott Ross (1/2013)yesno
4262Max Penders (1/2014)noyes
4350Barry Skikne (1/2014)yesno
4481Colin Browning (1/2013)yesno
4489Roy Sherman (1/2013)yesno
4499Craig Tovell (1/2013)yesno
4525George Kuney (1/2013)yesno
4585Hallie Bourne (1/2013)yesno
4614Jim Ferguson (1/2013)yesno
4621Rick Fontana (1/2014)yesno
4682Paul Taylor (1/2013)noyes
4689Tim Bachman (1/2013)yesno
4804Mike MIckelson (1/2013)yesno
4886Sea Scout Ship 915yesno
4922D&B Plessner (2/2013)yesno
4947Cam Carline (1/2013)yesno
4955Lin Robson (1/2013)yesno
5001Geoff Ling (1/2013)noyes
5020Miles Booth (1/2013)yesno
5042M/C Shaughnessy (1/2013)yesno
5044Carter Brown (1/2013)yesno
5045Chris Demler (1/2014)yesno
5047Roger Demler (1/2013)yesno
5048Larry Christian (1/2013)yesno
5060Ralph Sponar (1/2013)yesno
5069John Danneberger (1/2013)yesno
5070Meg Gimmi (1/2013)yesno
5102Glenn McKibben (1/2013)yesno
5123Charles Grassia (1/2013)yesno
5132Ed Yingling (1/2013)yesno
5150Dave Neilsen (1/2013)yesno
5255Lansing Williams (7/2013)yesno
5271Ethan Bixby (1/2013)yesno
5273Ed Fontanta (1/2013)yesno
5275Lisa Hayes (1/2013)yesno
5399Phil Durand (1/2014)yesno
5400Dyer Harris (1/2013)yesno
5410B&J Himmelsbach (1/2013)yesno
5527Arthur Anosov (1/2014)yesno
5528Dan Fontaine (2/2013)yesno
5530Hank Mills (1/2013)yesno
5574Brian Dale (5/2013)yesno
5582Kern Ferguson (1/2013)noyes
5583Kyle Claybrook (1/2013)noyes
5586Allen Chauvenet (1/2013)yesno
5589Hudson R Comm Sail (1/13)noyes
Total Paid8022