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Author: George Kuney ( contact the author
Subject: New Wood Windmill For Sale
Info: (5232 views) Posted: Sunday 3-29-15 11:16:26 AM
New Windmill For Sale Contact Information: George Kuney (215) 465.8541 10am to 11pm. Subject: Windmill

This Windmill has been completed with the exception of the final control line rigging and mast block system. These rigging systems tend to be a personal choice and will be finished according to the wishes of the buyer. This Windmill was measured and weighed by Roy Sherman, the “Chief Measurer” of the Windmill Class Association and has been declared “class legal”.

Pictures are available at on the class website and on my own website at .Additional Hi-Resolution photos are available by email or on disk via postal mail.

The hull was build by Dan Litten. The mast, boom and pole launcher were built by Lon Ethington. Lon constructed the rudder and dagger blanks from aged wood and the finishing of the foils was done by Dan.

The “Lathrop Method” as outlined by Tom Lathrop was used for construction. This method has proven to be both fast and strong.

The hull joining method used was the "liquid joint” type. This jointing system is a proven process providing incredible strength at the joints while leaving rounded inside corners. The rounded inside corners makes the boat easer to clean and avoids the blunt corner reinforcements that are painful to one’s toes.

The plywood is Occume 1088 BS plywood. The floor is 9mm-7 ply. The sides and stern are 6mm-5 ply. The air tanks are 4mm-4 ply.

All the high abuse areas (rub rails and such) are white oak.

The trunk has an extension for mounting the main blocks. This serves several purposes. It makes the trunk longer and stronger. It makes it easier for the crew and skipper to cross from one side to the other. And it’s not in the middle of the floor any longer. Also there is no need for bolts sticking thru the hull. A mounting plate can be installed upon the trunk extension if it is desired to mount other control cleats & blocks.

The trunk is lined with 6 oz. glass and 2 coats of epoxy.

Total boat weight is 181.5 lbs without hardware. Class rules allow the weight of the hardware to be counted if the hardware is “fixed” to the hull (if tools are needed to remove hardware). The light weight of the hull will allow for the absolute minimum weight of the boat when it is being raced with the hardware.

Everything is coated with 2 and 3 coats of "mas" epoxy. The exterior is coated with 3 coats of "Bristol" clear, and 3 coats of urethane Interlux paint.

The "Bristol Finish" mentioned above is advertised to be many times better than varnish for abrasion and UV protection. It is also supposed to "touch up" easily. This impressive finish will dramatically reduce the maintenance issues with "bright finish". The link to the manufacturer is .

The price of the boat with all the blocks and fittings, sails are not included, is $9,800 to be picked up in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Transportation can be arranged.

Please feel free to contact: George Kuney 215.465.8541 10am to 11pm. Subject: Windmill

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