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Author: roy sherman
Subject: New Windmills
Info: (7214 views) Posted: Wednesday 3-21-12 08:32:43 AM
In my capacity as chief measure and leader of the development committee, the president and I made a trip to the new builder on the Monday after the midwinter's. I will post the photo of the new hull mold by this weekend. The new hull mold looks great and I believe it was the right thing for the class to do. I also looked at the deck mold and while not the best looking mold I have ever seen I believe that it can be used to make good parts after it is modified to mate with the new hull mold. I will post some of those photos as well. As leader of the development committee I am working with the new builder to finalize the laminate and give him approval to start the new hull. It is our goal to be sure to end up with strong long lasting hulls that after attachment of hardware flotation and corrector weights meet the class min weights. I will try to keep you posted.

:: We have the mold for the hull for the new Windmills, I'm
:: wondering if the deck mold has been made yet and if so
:: do we have any new pictures, is their any other progress
:: on the new boats?

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