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Author: Allen Chauvenet ( contact the author
Subject: New Windmill owner
Info: (12433 views) Posted: Monday 7-28-14 11:40:44 AM

Where do you live? I have records on that boat which is a Moorman glass Windmill...send an email directly to me (see class website) and I will contact u and send some Mill materials to you. Welcome aboard! Allen Chauvenet

:: Purchased a Windmill #3188 had been sitting for about 15
:: years. I am a novice small boat sailor and not certain
:: what I have gotten myself into. Replaced rotted mast
:: step but having difficulty raising mast,(it's on a track
:: system that seems a bit too unsubstantial for a racing
:: boat) Six inches in length by 2 inch width.

:: Any modification suggestions?
:: Particulars:

:: Fiberglass, 15'5 length, mast approx. 20'.

:: Should a boom vang be utilized, none came with gear.

:: Tiller handle not in inventory. Can one be made or
:: purchased.

:: I adore the boat's lines and symmetry, yet am uncertain
:: of how to teak it for sailing. Any assistance would be
:: appreciated.

:: Thank you,

:: Paul

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