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Author: Allen Chauvenet ( contact the author
Subject: Pay Those Dues!
Info: (17210 views) Posted: Saturday 3-7-09 01:46:58 PM
Thanks Dave! It's not on DUES and choose 2009--if you have paid and membership expiration date is 2009 or later, you will find that on the listing. If you do not see yourself there, choose 2008 and you will find the 2008 membership expiration month--so send in your renewal!!!!!!!!!!!! I am trimming the mailing list (this includes your name, address, email etc and IS NOT shown on the public website) but we do not want to lose YOU. If you are not on the 2008 or 2009 listing, you will be removed from the mailing list PRIOR to the next Jouster and will not be eligible to receive the EJouster, Hard Copy Jouster, any other class mailings or emails, sail in any events or vote on anything. THAT IS NOT OUR GOAL! If you want to sell you boat, post on the FOR SALE part of the website AND let me know directly.

Thanks to all who DO make the minimal effort and save my time!


:: Hi All, If anyone does click on 'DUES", well bless you
:: to begin with. Secondly, we need folks to pay
:: voluntarily, and do so without all of this chasing
:: around. Remember, the whole WCA is a volunteer
:: organization, and none of the current set of officers is
:: unemployed or retired. We're all working for a living -
:: Allen is MD, and has a full schedule to boot. So, do us
:: please the wonderful flavor of paying, and bugging any
:: of the fleet members near you to do the same... Thanks
:: in Advance for keeping this WCA boat floating....
:: dave

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    Allen Chauvenet ~ Saturday 3-7-09 01:46:58 PM