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Author: Allen Chauvenet ( contact the author
Subject: 3009 Durabilt for sale
Info: (18642 views) Posted: Sunday 12-16-07 06:18:27 PM
If you want a good wooden Mill, I can help you. One available in NC that I technically own...good racing fittings, aluminum spars, good trailer, decent sails, has floatation tanks...#3800 originally built by Joe McIntosh and restored, now having some additional floatation and bailer installed by Marvin Spencer who built my boat...$1500 (less than my cost since I want to promote Windmills) ...only requirement is willingness to join and maintain membership in class.

Could be delivered by getting boat to Columbus Ohio where you could race it in Midwesterns May 31-June 1 and then take it home...or could arrange pickup at Windmill Nationals in New Hampshire...I can have it delivered (no cost to you) to either location. Let me know...

Allen Chauvenet

:: Hope to come out soon with a wood mill. In the mean time
:: I am selling my fiberglass Durabilt. Location of boat
:: Lee’s Summit, MO 64064. Condition

:: Pictures on Sailing Texas are from summer 2007 and
:: Summer 2004. The 2004 pic can be seen on the WIndmill
:: Yahoo group site for Kansas. Boat sails but is not fast.
:: Good starter or could be tuned and faired to be
:: competitive. Sails are old but durable. The hull has
:: some hairline cracks and patches. Boat does not include
:: trailer.
:: Price $475.00 or will trade for a restorable wood hull
:: or mast suitable for Hartley TS 16 or possibly for Comet
:: class sails and mast.Bret Landrith, 816-365-2986

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