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Author: Allen Chauvenet ( contact the author
Subject: Nationals Lake Lanier
Info: (17207 views) Posted: Wednesday 3-3-10 07:17:15 PM
Interesting thought...I'd provide prizes...race together but have some extra prizes for this group. A number of "classic" boats are partly upgraded...of course people like Larry, Mark Lathrop, myself (2,3,5 in the 2005 Nationals) sail very "modern" wooden boats. Some like #3800 have pretty modern rigging...some have stepped up with new masts or sails...of all things SAILS are the most important...and we don't want to discourage people from upgrading their boats. So the question is how we would define this group...might be tough! Still, an interesting proposal (easy definition would be wooden hull built pre 1985 or some other chosen year). Allen

:: A while back Allen Chauvenet sent me his master list of
:: who had what boats. There was an equal split of
:: wood/fiberglass 102/101. Usually at the Nationals the
:: only wood boats that compete are some of the newer
:: composite built ones.

:: How about a sub-division for Classic Wooden Windmills.
:: Everyone races together for the big prize, but
:: traditional built wood boats with wooden spars would
:: also race for the Classic Championship with seperate
:: scoring. Could even could have the tie breaker going to
:: the older hull #. I'm sure this could bring some boats
:: to race that are normaly just used for day sailing.
:: :: Someone tell me what kind of handicap I would have if I
:: :: showed up with my woodie with wooden spars? Would the
:: :: boat be competitive at all? Or dead-dog slow? Just
:: :: askin.....

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