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Author: Allen Chauvenet ( contact the author
Subject: The MYC Regatta
Info: (16554 views) Posted: Thursday 9-1-11 03:32:37 PM
I am confused....I don't see any change in the Sunday schedule?? One thing I had requested was the shift on Sunday to start earlier and end earlier. What I can find still says that a Sunday race can start as late as "before 2:30 PM"...that's what caused me to miss the last race in 2010 what with my crew's flight and needing to get started on an 800 mile drive home...

What is different from last year and how can we start early enough to say no Sunday start after 1:30 PM??

Allen Chauvenet PS--looking forward to being there as always!

:: Looking forward to seeing you all once again this year.
:: The weather is going to be as beautiful as the lake, we
:: hope! If you got a look at the NoR on our website,
::, you know that this year we'll be
:: starting the racing earlier on Sunday, so you can start
:: for home earlier. You also know that registration will
:: include souvenir tee shirts this year. They're scarlet,
:: and they look sharp!
:: Bill Dobe

:: RC Chair

:: MYC

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