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Author: Allen Chauvenet ( contact the author
Subject: Building a Windmill Model
Info: (17757 views) Posted: Saturday 1-28-12 12:36:07 PM
I will look up your boat...but if you are interested in more than a 1-time job, I actually have a set of plans for a model which were put together by Winton Mac...the real founder/promotor of the class. Just let me know. Consider dropping by Clearwater the second weekend in March...would love to see your work and could bring plans! Allen Chauvenet

:: I built a wooden Windmill (4069) in Stillwater, Ok

:: completing it in 1974 when I graduated fom Okla

:: State Univ. Building it helped me keep me calm

:: since I was working 40 plus hours a week and

:: carrying 18 semester hours in college.
:: I never did get it measured and did not sail it in

:: any races. I did however, enjoy sailing it with my

:: family members in Oklahoma Lakes for twenty

:: hears. It needed some work and I lost interest in

:: sailing it when my two sons (my crew) graduated

:: from OSU , married, and moved on.
:: I was introduced to the Windmill by Professor

:: Gordon Smith who I sailed with and recieved

:: building tips. It was a very fast boat and we all

:: enjoyed it immensly. Two young college men

:: aquired the boat from me and I never had any

:: contact with them.
:: I'd like to know if this boat (hull #4069) was ever

:: resurected and sailed. Please advise me if you

:: received any correspodence from later owners-

:: sailors about the boat I hated to give up.
:: I am 73 years old now and only go out in a

:: Watertender to fish. Since I am not in good enough shape
:: to crew a Windmill, I am building

:: a scale model from memory closing in the bow

:: and adding seats along the sides behind the daggerboard,
:: doing away with the seat board

:: that attaches to both sides in the original. It has

:: been my first attempt to build a model. I would be happy
:: to furnish pictures if you'd like to see

:: the revised version for old guys who can't hike

:: out anymore. There is also a great amount of joy

:: in building a revised Windmill model. If it turns out
:: well, I may build models of Windmills to give

:: as gifts or to sell, only later models will be built

:: exactly like the first boat I built and sailed using

:: 1 inch to a foot scale.
:: Sincerely:
:: Leslie Ray Easley

:: tarpon Springs, Fl

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