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Author: Allen Chauvenet ( contact the author
Subject: Repair Help
Info: (16672 views) Posted: Monday 8-27-12 11:58:32 PM

Hopefully your boat can be fully repaired.The boat is a McLaughlin and those were superb hulls. Do you have sails? Numbers on sails? Is the boat in a condition where it can be trailed? It would be useful to see photos or (even better) for some of us to see the boat. There is a regatta in Manchester, NH the second weekend in September...if you could bring the boat there or someone could stop by your place and look at the boat, that would be most helpful. Where in CT do you live? You can find my personal email on the class website and reply through that. Allen Chauvenet

:: Hello All,

:: Now that I am sitting here, I cannot remember my hull
:: number other than it starts with a 5 _ _ _. Itís a
:: Mormon fiberglass hull. Anyway, i bought the boat used
:: about 14 years ago from the Saratoga sailing club and
:: used it for a few years until my first son was born.
:: After that it sat on its trailer with the cover on it.
:: Well long story short the cover became dislodged and I
:: neglected to put it back. Now I am getting the itch to
:: teach my boys to sail, so I cleaned it out today. The
:: bad news is I noticed several areas where the floor
:: meets the sides that the gelcoat flaked off and there is
:: exposed fiberglass. Can anyone tell me if this is
:: repairable and if so where I can find a good source of
:: information? I live in Connecticut if that matters at
:: all. Thank you in advance for any information.

:: Respectfully,
:: Eric Borden

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