2017 Windmill National Championship Regatta at Erie Yacht Club, PaAugust 11 - 13

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Sandy Sponar
Looking for a Ride or Crew
Boats Racing
#5702Hummingbird (The Sponars)
Looking forward to a great event with Janet &Pat and the new Erie Fleet. Go Windmills! (Nov 28 9:11 AM)
#5586Beauty & The Beast (Allen & Christina Chauvenet)
#4955John/ Natalie
#5070Pig Headed (Meg & Lon)
#5252Bella (Colin Browning/Katheryn Hanson)
#5530Windcatcher (Dave and Lainey White)
#5703Scorpion (Timothy Weibel )
Come join us in Erie. We have a great venue for small boat sailing, and we are excited for our first Windmill regatta. (Nov 29 9:03 AM)
#4028ELVIS (Lisa & Jake Fath)
#5707graffiti (Pat & Janet)
#5705Sailfish (Chris & Nancy Demler)
#4200C-Monkeys (Craig & Cindy Tovell)
#5255Chasseur (Lansing Williams)
#4689Blue Muse (Tim Nathan Bachman)
#3524Dragonfly (D.J. Krahe)
#3932Matt Crotty
#5069John & Anne Danneberger
#5187Tim / Henry Polaski
#4450Northern Exposure (Dan Claxton)
#5706Sojourner (Lin Robson/Lauren Schoene)
#3530Minimoa (Thomas Mellies & crew)
#5048Dave (Larry & Allie )
#5399Caliente (Phillip Durand)
#5700Silly Rabbit (Ethan & Trudy Bixby)
#3800Apollo's Charriot (Carroll Sparwasser)
#4262Max & Jon Penders
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Author: Dave Ellis (davesailel...@gmail.com) contact the author
Subject: Crew or Skipper or Race Committee?
Info: (232 views) Posted: Tuesday 3-7-17 11:42:03 AM
I am delivering Lin Robson's Windmill to the Nationals and staying over to continue a journey after the event. Anybody need crew or skipper? 178 pounds

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