2017 Windmill National Championship Regatta at Erie Yacht Club, PaAugust 11 - 13

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Sandy Sponar
Looking for a Ride or Crew
Boats Racing
#5702Hummingbird (The Sponars)
Looking forward to a great event with Janet &Pat and the new Erie Fleet. Go Windmills! (Nov 28 9:11 AM)
#5586Beauty & The Beast (Allen & Christina Chauvenet)
#4955John/ Natalie
#5070Pig Headed (Meg & Lon)
#5252Bella (Colin Browning/Katheryn Hanson)
#5530Windcatcher (Dave and Lainey White)
#5703Scorpion (Timothy Weibel )
Come join us in Erie. We have a great venue for small boat sailing, and we are excited for our first Windmill regatta. (Nov 29 9:03 AM)
#4028ELVIS (Lisa & Jake Fath)
#5707graffiti (Pat & Janet)
#5705Sailfish (Chris & Nancy Demler)
#4200C-Monkeys (Craig & Cindy Tovell)
#5255Chasseur (Lansing Williams)
#4689Blue Muse (Tim Nathan Bachman)
#3524Dragonfly (D.J. Krahe)
#3932Matt Crotty
#5069John & Anne Danneberger
#5187Tim / Henry Polaski
#4450Northern Exposure (Dan Claxton)
#5706Sojourner (Lin Robson/Lauren Schoene)
#5048Dave (Larry & Allie )
#5399Caliente (Phillip Durand)
#5700Silly Rabbit (Ethan & Trudy Bixby)
#3800Apollo's Charriot (Carroll Sparwasser)
#4262Max & Jon Penders
#5527Toothless (Arthur Anosov/Maxim Anosov)
#4051Hurricane (Alan Taylor & Dave Ellis)
#4622Ed Yingling
#5416Harbinger (Jon & Melanie)
#4350Barry Skikne
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Author: Allen Chauvenet (achauve...@gmail.com) contact the author
Subject: Entries
Info: (55 views) Posted: Sunday 7-9-17 05:35:56 PM
Please get entries mailed ASAP. Lance will email you when entry received. We are looking at 28-29 boats if everyone shows up! If your entry is in the mail but "lost" or delayed by USPS, let Lance or me know and we will work things out for you. Just want to have the best logistics, T-shirt sizes etcetera and that depends on all of us!! Look forward to seeing LOTS of boat in Erie!!

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    Allen Chauvenet ~ Sunday 7-9-17 05:35:56 PM