2018 Junior Windmill National Championship Regatta at Rock Hall YC, MarylandJuly 18

General Information about the 2018 Nationals and Jr. Nationals

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Sandy Sponar
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#5060Go blue (Ralph sponar)
I will be available for mentor position if needed, otherwise Iím going to be on Mark boat duty. Looking for more volunteers!😎 (Mar 29 8:38 AM)
#5319Dave (Larry Christian)
Looking for a Junior skipper to compete in the Nationals! I'm an excellent crew - the SILVER fox. Almost guaranteed to get you a win!!!!!!!!!!! (Apr 1 2:08 PM)
#5255Chasseur (Lansing Williams)
Available for mark/safety boat (Jun 13 2:03 PM)
Boats Racing
#5527Toothless (Kai Dolan & Arthur Anosov)
#3651Sea horse (David Manley and Steven Cropper)
#4481Kraken (Rob Woithe / Colin Browning)
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