2018 Windmill Midwinter Championship Regatta at Sarasota Sailing SquadronMarch 16 - 18

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Contact Person
Sandy Sponar
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#5704John / Natalie Deimel
Boats Racing
#5060Go blue (The Sponars )
Another 3 day Midwinters , it's going to be grrrreat!😎😎😎 (Aug 19 8:17 PM)
#5705SpeedBump (Chris & Nancy Demler)
Armand Circle Here We Come! (Aug 21 11:09 AM)
#5070Pig Headed (Meg & Lon)
#5707Graffiti (Pat and Janet Huntley)
#5043C-Monkeys Redux (Tovell Craig)
#5399Caliente (Phillip Durand)
#5700Silly Wabbitt (Ethan & Trudy)
#4028Elvis (Lisa and Jake Fath)
#5252Bella (Colin Browning/Eric Mann)
#5586Beauty & The Beast (Allen & Christina Chauvenet)
Plan for working whisker pole & staying upright! (Dec 4 10:36 AM)
#4051Hurricane (Alan & Joel)
SSS is a GREAT place to sail! (Dec 5 8:58 PM)
#4481Kraken Waketh (Rob & Bob Woithe)
#5706Sojourner (Lin Robson)
#5701chunky monkey (nathaniel and sheila)
#5703Scorpion (Tim and Joe Weibel )
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