2018 Mid Western Championships at Hoover Sailing Club, Westerville, OHJune 2 - 3

John & Anne Danneberger brought Windmill 5069 into action for the first time in 2018 at the Windmill Midwesterns June 2-3 and dominated the regatta by winning 5 of the 8 races. Their 2-(4)-1-1-1-1-1-2 record left them with 9 points which was half that of the runner up sailors Nate & son Vincent Ireland who joined the class to race in the regatta with Craig & Cindy Tovell's boat (C-Monkey; 4200) which became available when Craig had a shoulder injury and was unable to sail. The Ireland's record of 3-1-3-3-2-(5)-4-3 (19 points) took the runner up spot and the District 5 perpetual trophy--and outstanding accomplishment for a seasoned Interlake sailor and the 8 year old crew!

Six races were run on Saturday around the traditional "modified Olympic" course used by the Hoover Sailing Club fleet 60. The first two races were sailed in light and shifty winds with Lon Ethington & Meg Gimmi (Pig Headed; 5070) jumping out to the lead after a beautifully sailed first beat and staying safely in in front of John & Anne who climbed steadily through the fleet for the runner up spot. The second race found the Dannebergers leading at the leeward mark only to fall into a hole going up the second beat and wind up 4th behind the Irelands, Dave Stetson (returning to Windmill racing after quite a few years) & Stephanie Barr (5706 sails) with Lon & Meg 3rd. This left the Irelands and Lon & Meg Dave tied with 4 points and the Dannebergers tied for 3rd with Dave & Stephanie at 6 points.

Slightly more wind filled in for the final race prior to lunch and the Dannebergers jumped into the lead and extended it throughout the race. Allen Chauvenet & Hallie Bourne (crewing for Allen in the 3 morning races) snatched the runner up position with a great rounding of the last mark in a very tight field followed by the Irelands. After a lunch break, the Dannebergers proceeded to make clear starts with great speed and lead at all marks in the 3 afternoon races. Allen & regular crew Sarah Steward put Beauty & The Beast (5586) into the runner up spot in the 4th race with the Irelands 3rd. This race saw Meg unfortunately hit in the head by the pole when releasing it at the leeward mark, leading to a DNF. Very similar to what happened with the Bachman's last year and reminding all of us to be careful when dropping the pole which the shock cord pulls back very quickly. After on the water repairs, Lon & Meg sailed the final 2 races of the day after which Dr. Danneberger sealed the wound with steri-strips on shore! Again the Dannebergers led wire to wire with the Irelands in the runner up position followed by Dave & Stephanie edging Allen & Sarah. The final race of the day was another win for the Dannebergers but Lon & Meg rebounded to push them and take the runner up spot with the Bachman's rebounding from their worst finish to claim 3rd, their best finish of the day. The post-racing dinner was outstanding as it always is at Hoover!

Sunday saw light but slowly increasing winds under cloudy skies. The Dannebergers duplicated their string of Saturday wins in the first race with Lon & Meg again second (moving up to challenge for regatta second) ahead of the Bachman's. The final race of the day found Allen & Sarah copying the plan of starting with speed and clear air to jump into the lead by the weather mark. Following the Danneberger's model, they maintained good speed in clear air to win wire to wire as it began to rain on the second beat. The Danneberger's had clinched the regatta but a 10 point win by taking 2nd just ahead of the Ireland team whose 3rd kept them in second overall. Lon & Meg slipped to 5th but preserved 3rd overall, 2 points ahead of Allen & Sarah whose win jumped them into 4th, just 3 points ahead of Dave & Stephanie. While the turnout was a bit smaller than usual the regatta was delightful and the Hoover fleet & club did a great job. We already look forward to a larger fleet next year!

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7Race 8
15069John & Anne Danneberger92(2)(4)(6)1(7)1(8)1(9)1(10)1(11)2 (13)
24200Nate & Vincent Ireland193(3)1(4)3(7)3(10)2(12)(5)(17)4(21)3 (24)
35070Lon Ethington & Meg Gimmi231(1)3(4)5(9)(DNF)(20)5(25)2(27)2(29)5 (34)
45586Allen Chauvenet/Hallie Bourne/Sarah Steward25(6)(6)5(11)2(13)2(15)4(19)6(25)5(30)1 (31)
55706Dave Stetson & Stephanie Bahr284(4)2(6)6(12)5(17)3(20)4(24)(7)(31)4 (35)
64689Nate & Tim Bachman315(5)6(11)4(15)4(19)(7)(26)3(29)3(32)6 (38)
75410Bernie & Julia Himmelsbach467(7)7(14)7(21)6(27)6(33)7(40)6(46)(8) (54)
84100Chris Bunge & Doug Boyer54(8)(8)8(16)8(24)7(31)8(39)8(47)8(55)7 (62)
95566Peter & Sarah Lynn Rothman639(9)(10)(19)10(29)8(37)9(46)9(55)9(64)9 (73)
103998Randy & Thomas Piersall71(DNS)(11)9(20)9(29)9(38)DNS(49)DNS(60)DNS(71)DNS (82)
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