17th Annual Sanford Sailfest Regatta (Kettle cup) at Lake Monroe Sailing Association, Sanford FloridaDecember 8 - 9

NOR and REGISTRATION available on Regatta Network

We all will be host 2nd annual Windmill ( ugly holiday sweater contest )

Here is a LINK from from Lake Monroe Sailing Association that gets you special rate at Choice Hotels for the Sanford Regatta.
Contact Person
Ralph Sponar
Looking for a Ride or Crew
Boats Racing
#5070Pig Headed (Meg & Lon)
#5707Graffiti (Pat & Janet Huntley)
#5586B & B (Allen & Christina Chauvenet)
#5271Nathaniel and Sheila Plant
#5252Bella (Colin Browning/Eric Mann)
#5709The Sponars (Go Blue)
Parade, polka dancing, ugly holiday sweater contest, and Windmill racing! (Sep 27 1:59 PM)
#5404Bird in Hand (Stuart Proctor/Christine Moloney)
#4028Elvis (Lisa Fath)
#4481Kraken (Rob Woithe)
Contingent upon high school end of semester exam schedules (Oct 29 9:27 AM)
#3603Endless Bummer (Dave Ellis)
Only if I have a confirmed crew by December 1. Otherwise I'll sail my Raider Turbo. (Nov 16 5:18 PM)
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Author: Dave Ellis (davesailel...@gmail.com) contact the author
Subject: Crew Needed
Info: (21 views) Posted: Thursday 11-1-18 10:46:00 PM
Have Windmill, but, as always, no crew. Anyone have an idea? Experience not needed; I train. Just needs to be someone appropriately small to be with a 190# skipper. Dave Ellis

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    Dave Ellis ~ Thursday 11-1-18 10:46:00 PM
    • Crew Needed (15 views) [x]
      Allen Chauvenet ~ Saturday 11-3-18 09:21:26 PM