Miles River Invitational at Miles River Yacht Club, Miles River, MDJune 22 - 23
The club is bringing back a one design regatta. Along with the Windmills, Comets and Albacore's are invited..

Regatta info is that we will race in the Miles River with all the classes on one course. The club will be applying for a camping permit for the event, which I understand is fairly easy to get. There will be a dinner Saturday night and trophy's Sunday as per usual. An NOR hasn't been released yet.

This could be a great chance to test out a possible nationals location as well as tune up for Nationals.

Check out Miles River YC website for more information.

Note that the regatta is listed as Albacore Nationals.
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Roy Sherman
Looking for a Ride or Crew
#5586B&B (Allen Chauvenet)
Hope to work this out! (Feb 25 12:11 PM)
#5319Dave (Larry & Allie )
Maybe (Mar 4 9:37 AM)
Boats Racing
#4500Blue (Roy)
#5709Miss Behavin (The Sponars)
Two days, really want to camp (May 17 7:21 AM)
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Author: roy sherman
Subject: house
Info: (91 views) Posted: Wednesday 3-6-19 07:50:23 AM
Our house is just under 1 hour from the club on the eastern shore.

If you are coming to the regatta and do not want to camp. we have lots of floor space and some beds.

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    roy sherman ~ Wednesday 3-6-19 07:50:23 AM