Sam Myers Memorial Regatta at Pymatuning Sailing Club, Andover, OHJuly 13
Sadly we had only 4 boats--one broken ankle a couple days prior and one free trip to Europe dropped us from 6 to 4 more or less at the last minute. We sailed in Portsmouth but I have done results just based on Windmills. 4 boats, 4 races (delightful sailing conditions)

PSC generously provided trophies to the top 3 Windmills even though we sailed in Portsmouth and did not race (as planned) on Sunday. Saturday results had all 4 Windmills very well placed compared with Force 5 (also 4 boats) and miscellaneous other classes. Graffiti & B&B stood 1-2 overall and had some very close races with the second and third races being decided by about 3 feet and 1 boat length respectively. Wind Catcher led both of the top 2 boats at the weather mark on at least one occasion but lost ground downwind. Harbinger showed marked improvement and was quite close in several races. Conditions were delightful with beautiful skies and winds from 5-12 with a few stronger puffs!

The club was enthusiastic about our boats and invited us to return with more Windmills in 2020.

PosBoatNameTotalRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4
1Grafitti - 5707Pat & Janet Huntley51(1)1(2)2(4)1 (5)
2B&B - 5586Allen Chauvenet & Sarah Steward72(2)2(4)1(5)2 (7)
3Wind Catcher - 5530Dave White & Richard Reikowski123(3)3(6)3(9)3 (12)
4Harbinger - 5416Mike Kohler & Heather Hertel164(4)4(8)4(12)4 (16)
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