2020 Midwinter Championships at Sarasota Sailing SquadronMarch 20 - 22
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Sandy Sponar
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Boats Racing
#5709Miss Behavin (The Sponars)
Looking forward to sailing this year (Sep 6 12:59 PM)
#5707Graffiti (Pat and Janet Huntley)
#5070Pig Headed (Lon and Meg )
#5586Beauty & The Beast (Allen Chauvenet & Sarah Steward)
#5252Bella (Colin Browning)
#5271Oreo Speedwagon (Nathaniel and Sheila Plant)
#5700Silly Wabbit (Jim Watson)
#4051Hurricane (Alan & Joel)
#5706Sojourner (Lin Robson / Sari Wakefield)
#5319Dave (Larry&Allie)
#5060Go Blue (Matt Sponar & David Burrell)
#4028Elvis (Lisa Fath)
#0Frost free (Roy sherman)
Room booked crew lined up (Jan 20 7:52 PM)
#4886Bleu Biyou (Kurban Ali)
#5045Bacon Bits (Mike Fontaine & Mary McCormick)
#5404Bird in Hand (Stuart Proctor, crew TBD)
My seester Sarah and I are all set with Registration for another classic year! Looking forward to the strong fleet! (Jan 27 2:29 PM)
#5705Speed Bump (Chris & Nancy)
#5710Good Question (John and Anne Danneberger)
#4049Magic Dragon (Annslee Maloy)
#5530Windcatcher (Dave White & Lainey Duncan)
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