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Author: Alan Taylor
Subject: quick question on mast dimensions
Info: (16273 views) Posted: Tuesday 6-10-08 01:05:32 PM
You can check the dimensions in the Specifications found in the Articles section of this web site. There is a wealth of knowledge to be found in the Articles - I recently built a new Aluminum mast and boom relying heavily on this resource.

:: Do you know the section and dimensions? Length? In
:: general mast should be mounted on keel...do you know
:: boat number? Where do you live? Let me know all that and
:: I will help you ASAP.
:: Allen Chauvenet (WCA Sec/Treas)
:: :: I am looking to purchase an older wooden windmill, but
:: :: have some question as to whether the aluminum mast is
:: :: the right length...can someone let me know what the
:: :: appropriate lengths are for a keel mounted and a thwart
:: :: mounted mast? (I am not sure which is included). I
:: :: intend to join the association when I take ownership,
:: :: determine hull number, etc. in the next few days. I just
:: :: want to be sure someone hasn't substituted a mast from
:: :: another class.

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