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Author: Jim Hanks
Subject: quick question on mast dimensions
Info: (11401 views) Posted: Tuesday 6-10-08 04:14:23 PM
:: Do you know the section and dimensions? Length? In
:: general mast should be mounted on keel...do you know
:: boat number? Where do you live? Let me know all that and
:: I will help you ASAP.
:: Allen Chauvenet (WCA Sec/Treas)
:: :: I am looking to purchase an older wooden windmill, but
:: :: have some question as to whether the aluminum mast is
:: :: the right length...can someone let me know what the
:: :: appropriate lengths are for a keel mounted and a thwart
:: :: mounted mast? (I am not sure which is included). I
:: :: intend to join the association when I take ownership,
:: :: determine hull number, etc. in the next few days. I just
:: :: want to be sure someone hasn't substituted a mast from
:: :: another class.

Jim Hanks

I am still trying to get further details, this is a wooden boat in possession of the current owner since 1975…the owner has measured the mast…the current owner states

"The mast overhangs the stern by 41" when the other end is exactly even with the end of the bow. Since the boat is 15' 6" + 41" , then the mast is about 19' 11".

Does this sound reasonable?

I live in the NW on Orcas Island, about an 1 1/2 north of Seattle and an hour by ferry…I don't believe I will see many other Windmills out my way, but should be able to practice for regattas in Portland, OR; Eugene, OR or CA?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.

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