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Author: Dave Ellis (davesailel...@aol.com) contact the author
Subject: Everstrom mast bending
Info: (9240 views) Posted: Tuesday 9-20-11 11:19:45 AM

:: I have a Everstrom mast on #3933 and it bends quite a
:: bit, 8-12", in brisk >15 mph wind. It kind of looks like
:: an unstayed mast.

:: Is that normal?

:: What can I do to reduce the bending as it really hampers
:: sail flattening.

:: My sail is what I would call a medium cut and is old.

:: Any suggestions would be appreciated

Do you have spreaders between the mast and shrouds? If not, you need them. Note the Articles section of the website for how long and where to put them. If you have spreaders, they apparently need to be longer and less swept back. Back in the day the wood masts had extreme bend, mostly fore and aft. Sails were cut accordingly. But they had no spreaders in the 50s and early 60s. Dave Ellis old guy

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