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Author: Dan Veilleux (montv...@skybest.com) contact the author
Subject: painting fiberglas
Info: (9358 views) Posted: Thursday 9-22-11 05:01:14 AM
Dave, is there any special Rust Oleum formulation you use? I assume it is a gloss finish. Did you spray it/ What words of wisdom might you have for application such as thinning, reducers etc.

:: :: My boat 3933 need a paint job.
:: :: I have read that some folks use RUST OLEUM
:: :: I am not a competitor and the boat is dry sailed.
:: :: I plan on a through washing with TSP, filling any holes
:: :: with Bondo, thoroughly sanding with 325 sandpaper.
:: :: Is primer needed?
:: :: Any suggestions on paint, preparation and application
:: :: would be appreciated.
:: The idiot that uses Rust Oleum on his fiberglass boats
:: when they need refinishing is me.

:: I've won four Windmill National Championships with boats
:: painted thusly. No special prep needed. Sands out to a
:: REALLY high polish with the usual work and takes
:: whatever polish (not wax) you choose. I like it because
:: it is relatively cheap, readily available and can be
:: touched up when dinged.

:: Dave Ellis

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