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Author: Dan Veilleux (montv...@skybest.com) contact the author
Subject: Everstrom mast bending
Info: (8732 views) Posted: Thursday 9-22-11 05:26:44 AM
Thanks again Dave, Got my tape measure and will head for the boat when the rain stops. Seems like I have a lot of measuring to do.

:: :: I have a Everstrom mast on #3933 and it bends quite a
:: :: bit, 8-12", in brisk >15 mph wind. It kind of looks like
:: :: an unstayed mast.
:: :: Is that normal?
:: :: What can I do to reduce the bending as it really hampers
:: :: sail flattening.
:: :: My sail is what I would call a medium cut and is old.
:: :: Any suggestions would be appreciated
:: Do you have spreaders between the mast and shrouds? If
:: not, you need them. Note the Articles section of the
:: website for how long and where to put them.

:: If you have spreaders, they apparently need to be longer
:: and less swept back.

:: Back in the day the wood masts had extreme bend, mostly
:: fore and aft. Sails were cut accordingly. But they had
:: no spreaders in the 50s and early 60s.

:: Dave Ellis

:: old guy

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