Little Tips on Tillers
I was reminded (by Nick Suhr) of a "trick" I never recorded in the Rigging Guide. I use a 1/4" bolt to fix the tiller to the rudder. Over time, the bolt will wear out a hole larger than 1/4" in the rudder. This is like a car with loose steering! You do not want it. The simple and cheap solution: Cut a length of copper tubing the width of your rudder. Then epoxy it into the bolt hole of your rudder. The inside diameter is just right for the bolt.

I use a wingnut on the tiller/rudder bolt, so I can easily remove the tiller for traveling. The tiller and rudder pack so much better this way.

The rudder (and the db) are like the keys to your car. If you store your boat anywhere but your fenced back yard or garage, then I suggest that you store the blades and tiller in a safer place. The boat may be stolen, but it will not be used without them. There was a boat stolen in NC years ago. About every five-years I get a inquiry on where blades can be bought for it. I always ask for the hull number and that ends the song.

An exposed bolt on a tiller can cut a hole in the bottom of a Mill over the course of a long trip. Moral, don't put anything in the bottom of your boat when trailering that you would not sit on.